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Research Experience

My research fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, was supervised by Professor L. Cohn. During this fellowship, I conducted an experimental study which looked at the haemodynamics and coronary perfusion effects of aortomyoplasty counterpulsation on a model of chronic ischemic heart disease. The main aim of the fellowship was to learn the techniques of myocardial assistance with skeletal muscle, measuring haemodynamics and regional myocardial perfusion. This research provided extensive exposure to heart physiology fine exploration. This has allowed me to a much better understanding of congenital heart disease physiology and will allow me to design specific haemodynamic exploration in children for future research projects.

As a surgical lead of the SprinT (Simulation Paediatric Resuscitation Team Training  ) team:

 I have designed:

- Innovative patented surgical models of simulation of tamponnade and emergency chest reopening in a baby and a teenager after cardiac surgery.

-a model for cardiac tamponade while on ECMO which realistically reproduces the changes in ECMO flow and haemodynamics

This successful Sprint Simulation program has been awarded London Deanery’s STeLI (Simulation and Technology-enhanced Learning Initiative) Educational Excellence Innovation Awards 2012. The team was also awarded the 2012 Academic Activity Award. We also recently won the patient safety award in 2015 and were shortlisted for the prestigious HSJ award.

I have introduced and audit currently  several innovative procedures in our centre:

 -Cone technique for Ebstein repair in children 

-Hybrid perventricular VSD closures

- Hybrid approach for difficult mitral valve replacement in infant

- Aortic valve repair and  leaflets reconstruction

I constantly audit my practice to improve results.


I have published more than 60 articles in National and International Journals. See the full list of publications here


I am a reviewer for the European Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, ASAIO
journal, Paediatric Intensive care Medicine

Current Research Projects

We are now exploring risks factors and outcome for complex patients in our centre

We are working on innovative procedures for single ventricle patients

I was appointed Cardiothoracic SPRinT Consultant in 2010 and have contributed to the design of innovative cardiothoracic models enabling realism of emergency cardiothoracic crises.


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